Website of the Month: Beldon Haigh

In this new regular feature we’ll be delving into some of our favourite artists who have created amazing band websites for their music using Band Theme. 

band website of the month september Beldon Haig

This month, it’s enigmatic Scotland-based band Beldon Haigh. Hailing from Falkirk, Beldon Haigh and band use music to subvert with a wry smile, to “tell stories, provoke, poke-fun, protest and create impact.” 

We simply love what they’ve done with their website, which is brimming with videos, photos of the band, all their releases, and some great merch featuring the excellent Beldon Haigh logo.

band website of the month september Beldon Haig shop

As well as having a loyal local following, they found fame and garnered a legion of new fans across the globe back in 2017 with wildly funny videos and live performances featuring Donald Trump on drums, Vladimir Putin on bass – and Kim Jong-Un as a backing dancer (thanks to handmade hyper-realistic masks from American sculpture artist Landon Meier, which cost tens of thousands of pounds).

Beldon Haig band website

With a new single ‘Old Blackeye’ having just come out at the end of August, now is a great time to check out this 9-piece as they continue to question the narrative and harangue the status quo, while not forgetting to enjoy themselves, as well as entertain their audiences.

In their own words, their work is “a fitting musical tapestry on which to weave the more traditional values of fairness, compassion, camaraderie, fellowship, community and society illustrated in the songs. A focus on what is really important in life, rather than the acquisition of possessions, wealth or power.”

You can find their website here, check them out on Spotify, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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