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Created by a team of music industry experts for bands, musicians, DJ’s, producers & record labels to build a professional music website. Award-winning expertise, combined with the world’s best website platform, WordPress creating a powerful, simple and flexible website builder.

Band Theme is proudly powering the websites of bands and musicians just starting out, to famous artists including Johnny Marr, Nova Twins & Lady Blackbird.

Band Theme is something artists, and the music industry, have been waiting for for a long time. It’s the perfect solution to make a snazzy artist website, that’s a breeze to update, at a very affordable price point. It’s got all the things a musician needs, and as websites are still very relevant, especially to Google, having a solid one is a must for a cohesive artist brand.

Patrick Ross

COO, Music Ally

It was a joy working with Band Theme. Their highly visual, music-focussed WordPress Themes opened up so many possibilities for how a band website can look and feel, whilst offering core functions to satisfy the nuances of music's digital landscape. Bonus points for working with music lovers meets website builders, ultimately leading to a better fan experience.

Rupert King

VP of Marketing & Artist Manager, Blue Raincoat Music

I’m a big fan of the Band Theme spin on the WordPress website. It’s easy to use and the functions are very impressive. The finished results look great and make for a smart, sleek looking website. The guys at Band Theme are extremely helpful and always on hand for any questions and queries I may had. Great product and top team.


Product Management, Sunday Best Recordings

Matt Deighton is a true British great - a critically acclaimed folk/rock artist with a back catalogue of classic records stretching back to the early 90’s. He was the subject of a Sky Arts documentary in 2021 and his band theme website allowed him to perfectly present a treasure trove of music and photos from across the decades in a clean, fast and incredibly easy to use and update template. Band theme gives power to the independent artist in presenting their world to the wider world.

Chris Sheehan

Karousel Music

Full of the latest technology for streaming, ecommerce and social

Integrated with all of the latest band website technology for music and video streaming, eCommerce, event ticketing and social media. Including our own FREE Instagram Feed WordPress plug-in to display your photos and videos on your website.

Built on the shoulders
of a rock star

Band Theme is built on WordPress, the world’s most popular website builder, powering over 35% of all websites on the web today. Band Theme has no unnecessary plug-ins or add-ons, just a simple, flexible editor to customise your band or musician website exactly as you want it. 

Optional 100% Renewable Energy Hosting

Band Theme has proudly forged a unique partnership with one of the world’s leading hosting providers, Krystal, to provide our customers with a high performance hosting powered ONLY by 100% renewable energy from sun, wind & sea.

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