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Band Theme is the ultimate website solution for independent musicians, established bands, DJs, producers, managers, and record labels. From the world's greatest to the world's latest.

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An innovative new website solution, created by The Creative Corporation, one of the leading design teams in the music industry. Launching June 2021.

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The revolutionary WordPress theme for musicians

Band Theme is a uniquely simple yet powerful website builder using WordPress, the world’s most trusted web platform. Start from one of our many hand-crafted theme designs, or create your own with the built-in editors. Every element you will ever need, designed by us, configurable by you.

Fully loaded and powered up

We’ve neatly integrated all the latest technology and mechanics from every digital partner you need to support your career. Music streaming, video streaming, ecommerce, ticketing solutions, ECRM and social media, all pre-installed, so you can harness their power effectively, maximise your income and grow your fanbase. Giving you more time to be creative, with the assurance that we’ve got things covered behind the scenes.

Industry leaders, trusted by the best

The Creative Corporation works with some of the world’s biggest artists, and Band Theme is already being used by some of the best bands and labels out there. But we’ve developed this innovative new solution to bring our technology to support new and independent artists, indie labels and managers.

wordpress music theme

Built on the shoulders of a rockstar

Our bespoke CMS caters to WordPress newbies and expert developers alike, with simple How To guides and real customer support. Use it as it comes or pull it apart, it’s as flexible as it is powerful. No unnecessary plugins. No hidden costs. No limits. And unlike subscription services, you don’t rent your site, you own it.

wordpress band theme

Campaign ready

Two decades in the industry has instilled in us the needs of  artists, managers, independent and major record labels, as well as other music organisations of all kinds. Band Theme meets these needs, providing a campaign-ready CMS for promoting releases, merch, tours, and growing your mailing list. Total ecommerce integration. One theme, hundreds of uses.

From independent artists to major record labels, with heritage clout or just starting out, Band Theme will rocket propel your online presence.

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