Knowledgebase If something goes wrong

Band Theme usually works seamlessly, however sometimes, as with everything, there might be an issue.

First off, we would recommend searching the FAQ, Knowledgebase or User Guide. Chances are we already have answered your question.

Here is a list of other common things to check:

  • Has your DNS propagated?
  • Do you have hosting and a domain name?
  • Have you tried the site in incognito mode?
  • Have you cleared your browser cache or tried another browser?
  • Have you modified the code, or installed a new plugin which may have caused the issue?
  • Is your internet connection working?
  • Have you tried updating WordPress, Plugins and the latest Band Theme?
  • Have you tried deactivating all your plugins?

If you have tried all of the above, but still have an issue, please contact Band Theme support via Support Ticket in My Account, providing as much detail as possible and any supporting links or logins.