Knowledgebase Plugins

What are plugins?

WordPress plugins are bits of code that can be uploaded to to extend and expand the functionality of your Band Theme website.

What plugins are included with Band Theme?

There are some key plugins integrated with Band Theme and we have also suggested some useful optional plugins in Optional Extras in our guide.

You will be prompted to install the following plugins with the theme to get you started:

  • One Click Demo Import (to easily import our design templates)
  • Simple Page Ordering (to enable easy drag and drop re-ordering of content)
  • Bands In Town (to automatically display your BandInTown events if you are using them)

Band Theme also makes use of Advanced Custom Fields Pro which is bundled within the theme for managing the content pockets.

Should I update my plugins?

Usually, yes. Any of the recommended plugins are safe to update and will have been tested with the latest version of Band Theme.

If you have added any new plugins, it is always a good idea to check they are compatible and have been tested with your version of WordPress first.