Knowledgebase Creating an EPK

An electronic press kit (EPK) can sit as an additional page on your website. An EPK is simple, professional method of promoting your music to labels, managers and the press. It usually includes information about music in the form of a bio, as well as images, music, tour dates etc.

This gives anyone who looks at your EPK a good understanding of your music or your band.

In order to create an EPK with Band Theme, you will need to create a new page in Pages > Add New. You can then call the page EPK or similar.

In the new page, add your content using Band Theme’s unique pocket system and click Publish / Update.

If you wish to add this page to the navigation on your website, click Appearance > Menus and then add the page and hit Save.

However, you can also keep the page out of the menu so that the normal visitor will not see the page. This means you can tailor it to managers, labels and press, rather than fans. You can then share the EPK by copy and pasting the link.

We also wrote an article on creating your own EPK here.